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Tino Geiss "Otium"
25.02. - 01.04.2023

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear friends of GALERIE SUPPER,
In Otium, the gallery treats together with Tino Geiss (*1978 in Jena) the subject of otium. The word, coming from Latin, can describe both a time filled with meaningful activity (German "Muße" which can also be translated into English "muse") as well as an idle wait that is perceived as meaningless and empty (German "Müßiggang").
For the ancient philosopher Seneca, otium means the well-deserved rest and carefree time after a day of work. For him otium is: to philosophize, to free oneself from something and to deal with wisdom. The good life, as it seems. The deserted living and dining rooms as well as reading rooms in the works of Tino Geiss invite the viewer to daydream and philosophize. Often, several armchairs and sofas can be found in the picture, plants, bookshelves and one or the other window with a hint of a far-reaching view put the viewer in exactly what the upcoming exhibition is about: Otium.
In addition to the solo exhibition, the following artists from the gallery can be seen in the showroom: Anja Warzecha, Bettina Rheims, René Dantes, Andreas Wachter, Rayk Goetze, BRIXY, Monika Thiele, Sebastian Wehrle.

Geiss(*1978 in Jena) was a painting student of Arno Rink and a master student of Neo Rauch.
The GALERIE SUPPER shows well-known collages and new paintings in his solo exhibition. To find a narrative contrast, the artist has turned to a darker palette of colors, which alternate with iridescent paintings from below. The balance of the work threatens to tip over in a second, only to find its order again the next moment.
Geiss not only explains formal criteria as negotiable, but also their materiality. The depicted interiors, everyday objects and bouquets consist of collaged painter's tape, which bears traces of paint from his earlier paintings. The acrylic work has increasingly found its way into Geiss' work in recent years. Mostly designed as living or working spaces, his places appear busy, yet deserted. The invisible, human presence is only conveyed through their individual traces; displaced chairs, stacks of paper, books lying around. The artist thus creates pleasant spatial worlds that, despite or precisely because of the emptiness they contain, radiate calm and make you want to linger in them. A wide variety of questions arise here. Is work otium? What is leisure in a world where the mobile phone is pulled out every free minute of waiting? Is otium reserved for artists and philosophers? Where does care work find its place here?
These questions are given a clue with a selection of older collages and current paintings by Tino Geiss.

Main Artists of the GALLERY SUPPER
Tino Geiss I Rayk Goetze I Andreas Lau I Mike MacKeldey I Katharina Meister I Roland Schauls  
Monika Thiele I Patricia Thoma I Andreas Wachter I Anja Warzecha I Sebastian Wehrle

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