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GALERIE SUPPER is in summer break. Opening  only by appointment.

GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, proudly presents "VANGUARD",  the gallery's first solo show of the artist Rayk Goetze.

The paintings of Rayk Goetze have a life of their own. Abstract form elements break through the narration of the multi-facetted and complex depiction of seemingly surreal situations. They talk of parallel realities. In regard to the application of paint, these irritations play an important role: Temptingly haptic forms are surrounded by freely formulated colour fields. It is faint moments of disturbance which destructure the surface of the picture, which hide parts of the truth as if in order to actually approximate it. This way of portrayal seems honest, compelling, goetze'ian: The truth can only be depicted partially, in the form of a narration, a fragment of reality. The works of Rayk Goetze are immersive that way. The closer you come, the more intensely you are absorbed, the more open is your glance which they cast back on you. It is the intentional gaps in the text, the mental spheres within the picture, the untold secrets, which invite you to pick up the threads and expand upon them. Goetze's paintings are the vanguard of stories which the viewer will tell about them. The french translation of the exhibition's title seems to be almost too fitting at this point: avantgarde.

Rayk Goetze (*1964, Stralsund) lives and works in Leipzig. He has been a trained steel ship builder and navy diver when he began to study with Arno Rink and Neo Rauch at the academy of Visual Arts Leipzig after the fall of the Wall. He finished his studies in 2000 as a master student of Arno Rink.

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