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GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to announce our presentation of the exhibition ‘Harmoonie’ with works by the artist Monika Thiele (12.10. - 22.12.2019).

In her current work, Monika Thiele synthesizes the thread-pictures and works on paper, which both are already well-known from her oeuvre, by bringing them together in collages. Within those she forms her own visual world of harmony, which refers to the title of the exhibition chosen by the artist, since the term harmony describes a combination of heterogeneous elements to form a balanced overall appearance.
In her latest works Monika Thiele uses a wide range of materials (such as paper, organza, fabrics, acrylic paint) and applies various techniques (such as embroidery, cut-outs), which have been established in her earlier works. Monika Thiele combines those materials and techniques to create a whole new and harmonious pictorial composition. At the same time, the artist opens those carefully arranged imageries and extends the creative scope through the different properties of the processed materials in texture, structure, color, transparency etc.
Monika Thiele confronts the individual elements and components of the picture via a contrasting juxtaposition, overlapping and coexistence, so that they either form a symbiotic, mutually reinforcing connection or continuously struggle for dominance.
At the same time, the inner life of the human soul, the depiction of emotions and state of mind is a recurring theme in Monika Thiele's oeuvre. The title she chose for the exhibition also refers to the balance between body and soul and to the longing for beauty, order and harmony in a world divided by internal as well as external conflicts. At the same time the play on words ‘Harmoonie’ takes up the motif of the moon, which recurs in the history of art as a place of longing. Therein the moonlit landscape represents a landscape of the soul as a projection surface for sensations.
Here, in addition to the artist's knowledge of art history, her affinity for literature is also evident, especially that of the Classical period, whose highest ideal was the pursuit of harmony, as well as for musicology, in which harmony deals with the unison of several tones.

Tino Geiss, Rayk Goetze, Karin Kneffel, David LaChapelle, Andreas Lau, Peter Lindbergh, Mike MacKeldey, Roland Schauls, Ellen von Unwerth, Andreas Wachter, Anja Warzecha, Sebastian Wehrle.
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