GALERIE SUPPER is specialized in contemporary art.

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GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to announce our first presentation of selected works by Sebastian Wehrle alongside internationally renowned photographers such as Cindy Sherman, Peter Lindbergh or Hiroshi Sugimoto within the framework of the upcoming exhibition Sebastian Wehrle and Friends (20.07. - 29.09.2019).

The exhibition will focus on photographic strategies of staging. The portrayal of the self and others has gained relevance within the realm of social networks in the past years. However, the staged portrait as such is as old as art itself with its hight peak in baroque ruler's portraits. Here, the "Real" constantly blurs with the "Ideal". Starting from Wehrle's impressive portraits of proudly looking, tatooed or pierced women in traditional costumes, the exhibition draws parallels to elaborately staged fashion photography as well as to artistic appropriations thereof. Here, the staging of authenticity and the authenticity of staging go hand in hand.

Sebastian Wehrle, Spencer Tunick, Bettina Rheims, Patrick Demarchelier, Candida Höfer, David LaChapelle, Steven Klein, Joel Meyerowitz, Peter Lindbergh, Thomas Ruff, Sebastião Salgado, Cindy Sherman, Stephen Shore, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ellen von Unwerth.

Rayk Goetze, KEHL, Andreas Lau, Mike MacKeldey, Monika Thiele, Andreas Wachter, Tino Geiss, Berit Mücke, Gert & Uwe Tobias, Anja Warzecha.

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