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With Intakt im Takt (Intact on Time), 01.12. - 20.01.2019,  GALERIE SUPPER presents a diverse group show. Based on the programme of the gallery, it additionally presents internationally renown positions.

The composition of a painting, a drawing or a collage is - as the term already implies - never limited to its material dimension. Different temporal levels play a major role within the creation as well as within the reception of an art work. In music, rhythm is defined through a basic motif, its continuous repitition and occasional disruption through variations. Those temporalities also find expression within the Fine Arts: Through the characteristic style, its directions and composition, a certain dynamic comes into being. Its beat defines the basis for volatile breaks and deviations.
At the same time, the sense of tact which is addressed by the exhibition goes far beyond its formal frame: After all, the rhythm of a specific time and the accompanying societal developments are oftentimes condensed within a work of art. The presented works - and here I am using the words of the Russian poet Majakovskij - plane this rhythm or shape it, in order to give utterance to the "noise".

Ellen DeElaine, Tino Geiss, Rayk Goetze, Katharina Grosse, KEHL, Andreas Lau, Mike MacKeldey, Katharina Meister, Berit Mücke, Roland Schauls, Dag Seemann, Katharina Sieverding, Monika Taffet, Monika Thiele, Patricia Thoma, Andreas Wachter, Anja Warzecha.

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