Katharina Meister - GALERIE SUPPER is specialized in contemporary art.

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Katharina Meister "Otmar Alt Foundation" Hamm 2016

Katharina Meister’s oeuvre contains especially ecologically and politically motivated types of works, which include installations, objects, drawings and so-called peep boxes.
In her works she questions people’s relation to Mother Nature and confronts the viewer with the consequences of dealing with life forms and resources of our planet. Her art provides food for thoughts, but without pointing to one certain answer.
Katharina Meister refers to her art as environmental art and embraces inspiration from science. Therefore, conducting precise preliminary research to build a well-founded scientific knowledge of the topic is an important part of her work process. She uses a restrained colour palette, mostly black, white and different shades of grey and blue. She primarily chooses paper as the dominant material of her work, because it is a natural fiber and very versatile in its handling.
Katharina Meister creates a fragile balance between the elements that she uses in her compositions. She plays with the contrast between multi-layered, delicate cut-outs, massive volumes in an origami- like technique and findings from nature like sprays and moss. Her arrangements draw the viewer’s eye into the depth of a landscape, which not only tells a story of loss but also of hope for the future
of our planet.
Melanie Haab M.A.

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